Friday, December 29, 2006

A Fond Farewell

When I checked back to my journal recently, it hit me with crystal clarity that my journaling odyssey was over...for now. Since I haven't made any entries since September, it's obvious I've shared all the memories, stories and insights that I care to for now. All good things come to an end and my journal has.

However, I want to end this journal of mine by supplying a few last thoughts to tie up a few loose ends that have been dangling since I last wrote anything. This has been a challenging, difficult year for me and my family. Over the summer, I dwelled upon some very rough times but good things have happened to us too.

My son is doing just fine these days. Since my last entry, he has since resumed his driving practice, tested for and received his license. He has purchased his own car and my days of driver training and transport to and from his job are over.

My daughter, after a ten year absence from any further education past high school graduation, has completed her classes, been tested and become a certified phlebotomist. She told us over the years that one day she would further her potential and this has finally has taken place. She has a job lined up right in our home town in our own little hospital. She is wading through the proverbial red tape and as soon as she has all the necessary documentation in hand, she'll be able to begin. I'm so proud of her for what she has accomplished. Over the past decade she has dealt with a marriage that didn't work out, several moves, a daughter, a new, better suited husband and stepson (they've been married for three and a half years) and working very hard to juggle it all.

And myself? I am now a year and four months into my "new" job. Most days I like it well enough; some days I don't. That's normal in any job, isn't it? I still have lots to learn. Sometimes I feel like I really have a handle on all the stuff that goes on and other times, I feel clueless. I take heart in knowing that I certainly know a whole lot more about how things work in this out patient department than I did on day one. I have a long way to go. I still hate the phones but dealing with that aspect of the job has become a bit easier. I never have been nor ever will be a "phone" person. I try to take it one day at a time which is, I think, excellent advice on how to deal with life in general.

I've enjoyed my journaling experience very much. It has given me much pleasure and a creative outlet Ineeded for quite some time. A big thank you to any of you who have followed the adventures of my life in recent years and shared my reminiscences. I might be inspired to continue this one at some point in the future or begin a new one a few months from now or perhaps years.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy 2007