Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm still among the living; it's been a long time. Funny how work and life in general get in the way of the pure fun of journaling. I've often thought, well, if I didn't work so much, I'd have more time to compose and add to my journal. The reality is, however, that if this were so, I probably wouldn't have nearly enough interesting things to write about. My working brain tells me this but I know, in truth, that this is a crock. If I could devote several hours each day to this journal, I could write volumes. I still harbor a fervent wish for the stay at home life.

Of late, I've discovered that I am very fond of paddling along in a kayak built for one. Just this last weekend I tried my hand at it for the second time and enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the first. The date appearing on this picture is incorrect. This picture was taken on July 18, 2009. This just proves how unsaavy I am at dealing with such minor details as dates on my digital camera! This lady has far more interesting things to attend to in life. On this day, I was happy to join my brother, two sisters and much of our extended family (mostly meaning those we went forth and created by fuitfully multiplying). It was a grand day. I treasure the rare days when I can bask in the company of my siblings and my adult children, nieces and nephews. Life it sweet; life is good. I am such a lucky woman.

My brother and sister-in-law retired and relocated to a home that surrounds a lagoon. This lagoon connects with the Pacific ocean and if one chose to do so, one could kayak through the lock at one end and kayak away all the way to Japan. Ha!


Lisa :-] said...

Hi, Meredith!

Your kayaking looks like fun. Maybe sometime (when I retire) I'll have time to get into something fun like that.

Meanwhile, it's back to the kitchen... :P

The Happy Blogger said...


I see we have an interest in common, Sea Otters along with our blogging fun!! I did look over your latest blog and profile. And I would love to follow you. Follow me back?

My SkypeID: teresalipinski

Bless you,
~ Terry Lipinski, The Happy Blogger
P.S. May the Blessings and Love you bestow on others; reward you abundantly, more than you know. God’s Graces are Beautiful!